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Miami News Net Ku Truck Specifications:

The truck is fully redundant with hot standby, auto switching through the LC3 Communications V2200 dual up converter. Two Tandberg Evolution 5000 units do the encoding. Decoding by 2 Tandberg Alteia Plus units.The TWTs are (2)400 watt MCL MT3200s with as phase combinable through an MCL VPC unit with no polarity restrictions. Everything goes up to space on a fully steer able 2.4 meter Vertex Antenna. Transmission mixing comes through a Studio Technologies Model 750 mixer.IFB is accomplished with a Studio Technologies IFB Plus model 2.

PL via a Telos system.

The truck is powered by a 20 KW Kohler generator with an electronic gobvernor.

The air conditioner is a 2.5 ton King Air designed for an 1800 square foot house so equipment and crew comfort is not a problem. We offer several formats for editing on the Panasonic edit system and the tape play out.. Beta SP, Beta SX and DVCPro

4 Cell Phone 1 Sat phone

(305) 389-8037 Cell 1
(305) 389-8757 Cell 2
(305) 282-8218 Cell 3
(954) 802-0198 Cell 4
The I/O panel is flexible enough to act as a standalone distribution site if needed.

Our truck offers quite a bit more than the typical bare bones uplink service. In addition to the transmission facilities listed above, the truck rolls with a full complement of camera support, lighting, and remote location gear. We can also provide full crewing with a decade long track record of problem free shoots. The one stop shopping approach may help in accounting and reduce the number of phone calls needed for securing fast and reliable breaking news coverage.

Tel: (305) 285-0044.

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